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The Concept

Crispy Potato has introduced a revolutionary way of serving and eating a fried potato. It is a delicious unpeeled potato on a bamboo skewer, spiral cut into its unique eye-catching form by our Crispy Potato Electronic Machine. After briefly frying, it is then sprinkled with one of our thirty mouth watering flavored seasonings to create a tasty snack that can be served at any location and at any time of the year. We have simply taken fries to another level in both presentation and taste!

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About Us

CEO Message

Crispy potato has a history of responsible business conduct. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices to serve our valuable national as well as international customers with new era of taste according to the international quality standards.

Today, we are the premier snack food manufacturers in India with millions of regular customers. Crispy potato products are made from carefully selected prime quality raw materials processed by the latest fully automatic south korean, European and Japanese combination of Technologies, under strict quality controls, conforming to the highest international standards.

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Our Products

Potato Products

Crispy Potato Flavours Salt

Mouth-watering and innovatory seasonings/tastemaker the seasonings are from the highest quality raw materials, most of which are derived from natural origin. They are created by using a proprietary process that retains much of the aromatic, spicy and flavouring properties of the raw materials like Spices, Condiments, Vegetables, Herbs, etc.

Flavour salts Features

1) No added synthetic preservatives
2) No added artificial flavours
3) No added artificial colour
4) 100% vegetarian
5) No added msg (Monosodium glutamate).

What our clients say

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Crispy Potato

It was during his honeymoon at Ooty that M.G. Narayan chanced upon a kiosk selling Crispy potatoes. He wasn't interested in tasting them.

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Crispy Potato

A working professional then, narayan got talking with the person manning the kiosk. The answers he was given were terse and not sufficiently explanatory.

The taste and flavour of potatoes

Crispy potatoes is enhanced thanks to our exclusive 30 seasoning masala flavours, from the traditional to the more exotic and bizarre, spicy and sweet, delicate and decisive.

You can enjoy the choice, individually or in portions of 1/2.

Promotional Campaigns

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